A disgusting overexposure of the latest victim in the real war on women

Miley Cyrus has become the latest victim in the real war on women.

The war on women has taken another ugly turn at the 2013 Video Music Awards this weekend as beloved peaches and cream American sweetheart Hannah Montana was transformed into a gyrating lip smacking slut named Miley Cyrus in order to appease the masses who were demanding fresh meat.

Before you go into some tirade about how it’s done to divert attention from President Amateur Hour driving our nation into yet another war in Syria, let me direct you to the fact that this conversion has been going on for some time with women by the left, and not just Ms. Cyrus who did it to garner some attention for obviously vacuous ego and head.

Exposing our children to too much sex and immorality at an earlier and earlier age now has become de rigueur in Hollywood for some time. The liberal society of mental midgets has somehow defined a woman who exposes herself and uses her genitalia as a flag as ‘liberated’ and anyone who gets out of line by saying the emperor has no clothes on – literally- is ‘slut shaming’ and racist. While I’m no prude, I also know parading around and proclaiming you like to have sex with anything and anyone is a sure sign of mental illness or moral depravity, and possibly both.

It’s not like this is anything new either. The majority of Oscars won by women actresses have been women who played sexualized characters. Just last year Jennifer Lawrence won for playing Tiffany Maxwell, a widowed sex addict.  Two years ago it’s was Natalie Portman who played a hyper sexualized bi-curious ballerina. This list goes on and on. The days of Donna Reed playing a devoted housewife are over. I’m surprised Meryl Streep’s performance as Thatcher in the ‘Iron Lady’ wasn’t about bondage.

Looking at real life, women are trivialized sexually in government too. Women that are abused and bedraggled by a groper mayor in San Diego received no recourse until the left finally policed its own and forced Filner to resign—with no apology given or explanation. The manta was ‘he needed help’. While boycotting Rush, NOW ( National Organization for Women) endorsed Jerry Brown for Governor of California despite both using exactly the same pejorative term for someone they disagreed with.  Their website complains about Super Bowl ads that supposedly objectify women, yet endorse Bill Clinton with his history of sexual misadventures.

Women are publicly beaten, stoned, run over by cars, and thrown acid on by Islamic fundamentalists at home and abroad. Yet we are told that the United Nations is looking into America’s record on human rights violations in regards to women’s rights.  Sandra Fluke, a modern day Verruca Salt is canonized by the left for standing up for women’s rights by demanding those rights be enabled by putting women at the mercy of government edict, forever dependent upon the laws its makes. Our most famous women are orally enhanced, balloon chested concubines whose only claim to fame is that they made popular pornography they self-describe as ‘sex-tapes’.

In schools, young girls are encouraged by the powers that be to explore their own sexuality at younger and younger ages, so much so, that vaccinations against STD’s which lead to cancer are now mandatory. Planned Parenthood’s ‘successes’ have led to an all-time high unwed mother’s pregnancy rate, and teen pregnancy is only lower now to historical highs because the birth rate of American has been halved in the last forty or so years.

The ‘war on women’ by the left takes no prisoners as our daughters are morphed from life giving sisters of Artemis, into daughters of Sappho from the Isle of Lesbos. They are transmuted to be sexual slaves for the worker drones we pump out of overpriced colleges for this leftist fantasy world they call utopia.

Shocked or disturbed by Miley Cyrus at the VMA? Hardly, it’s just the next step in the progressive agenda.