Lost in this Snowden affair has been government’s claim that NSA snooping has led to the capture or breakup of over 50 terrorist attacks both here and abroad.


Why worry about Snowden damaging our ability to catch terrorists- we aren’t going to do anything about it.

The Justice Department under Eric Holder announced some months ago that it thwarted a heinous attack on the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S and the Israeli embassy on U.S soil. In doing so, it prevented an attack that would have had enormous political repercussions and would have killed hundreds of innocent Americans. It is suspected that NSA information led to the capture these terrorists. Suspicion is that it was directed from the highest levels of the Iranian government, and financed through a connection in the Zetas drug cartel- a significant development.

It was absolutely an attack on the United States and under ordinary circumstances would be an act of war against America. This is why it was done through essentially a contracted operation, much as 9/11 was a contracted operation; so that it would be difficult if not impossible to trace back to Iran directly.

And yet, what is the response? Largely muted, no direct statement from the President; and military options are almost certainly ‘off the table’.

While a goodly chunk of American youth is dedicated to the defense of this nation and stand ready in an all-volunteer Army to defend our interests (which we should be thankful for), I don’t see long lines at the recruitment office at any of their myriad location.  However, a sizeable portion of volunteers are lining up to hold signs up denoting their hate of America because they actually have the nerve to ask people to pay for their own college educations.

From the top of government on down, America is a cowed nation, primarily because of the failure of leadership from the White House.

Obama’s policy of appeasement and soft stance on their overtly hostile behavior has only led to a more aggressive Iran. Iran has accelerated their nuclear program, sent ships into the Suez and even threatened to move into the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the Middle East is now in turmoil from the power vacuum America is leaving there, while the streets of cities across this country have mobs of people screaming about not having enough Pop-Tarts to munch on while they complain about ‘corporate evil’ on their IPods’ on Twitter.

Why is military action off the table? Certainly not because it isn’t justified, but mainly because with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the government’s treasuries bankrupt due to graft and massive entitlements to scarf-wearing leftists and unions, we simply don’t have the manpower to do it. Recruitment numbers have fallen off so much we are looking toward recruiting illegal aliens in order to fill the ranks of our depleted divisions. In fact the Reserves divisions have reduced its goals in order to reflect the potential lack of future funding. In 2011, it the Army and Marine reserves recruitments were off by as much as 24 percent of the previous year’s numbers. Meanwhile the Democrats are screaming in Congress about defense spending and planning a sizeable reduction in our forces as a means to reducing the deficit.

Wars are expensive and not just in blood.

The problem is the government is just delaying the inevitable and the cost may be more than people realize. It’s not just the money—Iran is building nuclear weapons and if they can manufacture an assassination using a WMD in Washington D.C. it’s only a matter of time before they get a nuclear device across our undefended and open borders. If Iran builds a nuclear device it will be only a matter of time before one or more Western cities are destroyed. Note how the plot also involved Mexican drug cartels in the deal; it’s clear Iran has now infiltrated the Mexican-American drug trade and probably is promoting violence on our borders as well.

In the late 1930’s young men across America enlisted in droves when they believed they were needed overseas to fight the tyrant Hitler and Nazi Germany. They even went so far as to enlist in other nation’s armies to fight them, the risk to America was so grave.

Today, while some are volunteering their lives in service, a lot more people aren’t and instead are devoting their time to telling us that we need to give them more crap for free to sit around and be ungrateful about. Happiness is not enough for them, they demand euphoria.

I would have thought 9/11 would have woken up America to the threat of Islamic extremism to freedom and peace in the world, much as Nazism did in 1939.

Apparently not.

100 years from now, the American epitaph will read: Here lies America; they marched in the streets to demand peace.

And free laptops